Quanta Pre-Launch Review – What is Jim Britt and Jim Lutes New Company Quanta

Quanta Pre-Launch Review – What is Jim Britt and Jim Lutes New Company Quanta



Hey gang thanks for stop by my article today about the Quanta pre-launch review. In this review I will talk about the two CEO’s, what is Quanta, the revolutionary product that they have going on, and at the end we will discus the lucrative compensation plan that is going to have you smiling. So let’s talk about Jim Britt and Jim Lutes for a minute.

Jim Britt


Jim Britt

Jim Britt is one of the best performance specialist to ever be part of the industry. He is a 16 time best-selling author, has been on tour with Jim Rohn, trained Tony Robbins for his first five years in this industry, and is also the founder of http://JimBritt.com

Jim is also considered to be one of the top 20 living success coaches in the world!






The next founder is the legendary

Jim Lutes

Jim Lutes Jim Lutes

Jim Lutes is an entrepreneur, master hypnotist, and has unlocked the power of persuasion, influence, and communication. Jim has use these powers to build not only his business but the people he trains business as well.

Jim has two decades of experience doing seminars around the world. He is wildly is best known for training entrepreneurs and small-business owners, and you can check out his official website at   http://lutesinternational.com

What is Quanta?

So now that we have learned about Quantas’ two CEOs, what is Quanta? Well right now its the Quanta Pre-launch phase giving everybody reading this article first mover advantage.

Quanta looks to be a personal development program that is created for people looking to have power packed mentoring, marketing strategies, and insane personal development transformations.

Quanta banner

Once you get started you will see that they have email training available, tweets for twitter, Facebook and Google plus quotes, videos, and most importantly( for us website people) images and banners so that you can start building your team in its beta phase.

Quanta Compensation Plan

So what is this lucrative Quanta compensation plan that the owners have put in place? Well it’s similar to the Empower Network
compensation plan. Where are you give up your second, fourth, sixth and every fifth rep but by you giving up those reps/sign-ups up you
will be receiving everybody that you bring in’s second fourth six and everything fifths after that.

If this is too confusing for you check out the PDF file explaining everything.

Should you join Quanta?

Personally I am not one to promote these Quanta pre-launch type of deals but after looking into Quanta and learning who the
two CEOs are, and their plans for the company, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to get in, especially since it’s free until launch.

Just imagine having more time, more money and more security in your life.

Waking up to a great job, wonderful family, real friends, and living a financially secure life.

Of course we all want to live that life, but to live that lifestyle you’re going to need to make some changes. If we didn’t have to change out habits to become wealthy everybody would be wealthy.

Going from broke to wealthy; or mediocrity to wealthy all comes with making changes in your life. Like the decision to partner up with Quanta and Create long-term residual income in 5 easy steps!

Step #1) Pre-enroll for Quanta (NEW 100% Commission Payout Program) for free here:

—> Join Quanta Today 

Step #2) Checkout the comp plan PDF here:

—> PDF To Compensation Plan 

Step #3) Listen to a recording of tonights call that was recorded here:

—> http://tinyurl.com/kod6sfa

(It may start automatically or you may have to press play depending on which browser you use)

Step #4) Start sharing your Quanta referral link on FB and/or with your subscribers list or warm market…

(you’ll receive it when you register for free as outlined in Step #1)

Step #5) Wait to receive an email from Quanta that they’re ready to go live.

(It could be days, weeks, etc…this is a pre-launch. So be sure to attend the calls and/or keep your eye out for their email. Their call schedule is in the back office after you pre-enroll)

I have no clue when Quanta will launch, so keep your eyes peeled for that email, like I am, and when you get it…be sure to purchase the Quanta product(s) and upgrade to PAID before your members (that you referred during pre-launch) do, so YOU GET PAID!

Reference the Comp PDF in Step #2 for products, prices and comp plan.

Hope you enjoyed this Quanta review

Craig Ronaldson

Craig Ronaldson

Hi, my name is Craig Ronaldson.(Contact me here.)

A few years ago, I got kicked out of high school and had nothing going for me… I had no vision, nothing to look forward to in the future.

I went back to school and got my PHD (Public High school Diploma) so I was able to take some classes at my local community college IRSC.

Although I made some great friends in school, I think we could all agree that college is not the place to be for people looking to make money, now.

You see in college and traditional schools the professors are simply teaching theory out of a textbook. I laugh when I hear people say they are studying marketing, business, or entrepreneurship in college! That is something that you cannot learn in school, but through actually living it and failing at a few times… have you failed in your MLM or online business in the past?

I know I have… I fell flat on my face countless times, failing to produce a profit in my network marketing business. It was until I just stepped back for a moment… and looked at our industry from the standpoint of a distributor, corporate staff/CEO, critics and the general public.

What is the one thing that you see when you look at ANY network marketing company?

A huge failure rate. Massive attrition, people quitting left and right… people losing their teams to shiny objects and launches, trust me gang I’ve been there.

It wasn’t until I saw how many people were failing that I saw the REAL opportunity to get rich inside this industry… I’ll give you a hint, it wasn’t through actually building a so-called “MLM” or “downline” I know, sounds crazy coming from the MLM Jedi himself right?

I realized that since so many people were failing, the only way to profit would be to invest in my education, learn how to truly build a residual income and then teach this exact, proven formula and sell it for a low price that anybody can afford, whether they are making money in their business or not!

Pretty cool, huh? ;)

Fire your boss

Once I became the friend, or the mentor to all these people who were failing to break even, let alone turn a profit… not only was I able to make some residual income from the internet, but so were these network marketers from a total different company than I was building! How cool is that? They succeeded, and I made a few bucks… this is free enterprise at its finest!

Craig Ronaldson Google Authorship

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  1. How can you have a 100% commission payout program; things like BK come to mind (and I don’t mean Burger King, lol); but seriously; you just can’t payout 100% and expect to stay solvent; I must be missing some of the small print….as this is a perplexing thought at this point.

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