Youtube Marketing – How I Make a killing With Youtube Marketing!

Youtube Marketing – How I Make a killing With Youtube Marketing


Hey friends thanks for stopping my website today! So you want more information about Youtube Marketing. I don’t know about you but I absolute love YouTube marketing. It gives you a good opportunity to show your personality as well as giving you leads for days(if done correctly).

Now I don’t know what brought you here, may be you were looking for ways to make your home business more successful, or wanted to learn how to dominate Google through Youtube, maybe you just want to make some money through YouTube as a comedian.

The first thing about YouTube is that it’s website rank is pretty high. Right behind Facebook, and Google is Youtube, making it the third most visited website on the internet. What is even better is that Google owns Youtube and loves to put its users on Google’s front page.

Once you know how to do this, and use this power to your advantage, the only thing that can stop you, is you.

Youtube Marketing Strategies

The first thing you are going to want to do in your Youtube marketing strategies is choose a keyword. This is the website I use – or you can go on google adwords and do it your self. (leave this URL open when doing this, you are going to use a few times throughout this process)

Once you have chosen your keyword and have looked up how many searches and views it gets a month you are going to want to make  a YouTube channel. Preferable one with your keyword in the title.

Once your video is recorded and uploaded you are going to want to give it a title with that same keyword somewhere in it. For example, lets say your keyword is home business, my title would be ” Can I really Make Money with a home business?”

Once you have your title write your description. Make sure to use your keyword throughout your description. If you have a link you want to promote make sure it is the first thing in the description and make sure it has http:// so people can click on it.

If your an entrepreneur like my self and want to start generating leads, put your phone number right after the link so it will pop in your meta description(The little bio about each video) and people will start calling you. sometime that is all people look for are looking for.

Once you have written your description and have your keyword through out it along with your URL and phone number you are going to want to go back to the Google adwords page and copy and paste all of the terms that popped up when searching your keyword.

Once you have copied and pasted all of the terms put them in the description right after everything that you had written before. You want these to be the last thing in your description.

Now let’s get on to tags. Go to the adwords again and chose 10-15 of the keyword terms that fit your blog, also don’t be afraid to add some of your own , just not too many.

The final step is to go to , and buy some backlinks, I recommend that you do not buy too many views as it will flag Youtube and delete your video. Trust me I have seen it happen before.

And that my friend is how I make a killer with Youtube Marketing. If you have any questions about YT marketing please don’t hesitate to give me a call or leave your question in the comments and I will make sure to answer them.

Brig Hart and I

Call/Text Me at: 772-240-4311

Hi, my name is Craig Ronaldson.

A few years ago, I got kicked out of high school and had nothing going for me… I had no vision, nothing to look forward to in the future.

I went back to school and got my PHD (Public High school Diploma) so I was able to take some classes at my local community college IRSC.

Although I made some great friends in school, I think we could all agree that college is not the place to be for people looking to make money, now.

You see in college and traditional schools the professors are simply teaching theory out of a textbook. I laugh when I hear people say they are studying marketing, business, or entrepreneurship in college! That is something that you cannot learn in school, but through actually living it and failing at a few times… have you failed in your MLM or online business in the past?

I know I have… I fell flat on my face countless times, failing to produce a profit in my network marketing business. It was until I just stepped back for a moment… and looked at our industry from the standpoint of a distributor, corporate staff/CEO, critics and the general public.

What is the one thing that you see when you look at ANY network marketing company?

A huge failure rate. Massive attrition, people quitting left and right… people losing their teams to shiny objects and launches, trust me gang I’ve been there.

It wasn’t until I saw how many people were failing that I saw the REAL opportunity to get rich inside this industry… I’ll give you a hint, it wasn’t through actually building a so called “MLM” or “downline” I know, sounds crazy coming from the MLM Jedi himself right?

I realized that since so many people were failing, the only way to profit would be to invest in my education, learn how to truly build a residual income and then teach this exact, proven formula and sell it for a low price that anybody can afford, whether they are making money in their business or not!

Pretty cool, huh? ;)

Fire your boss

Once I became the friend, or the mentor to all these people who were failing to break even, let alone turn a profit… not only was I able to make some residual income from the internet, but so were these network marketers from a total different company than I was building! How cool is that? They succeeded, and I made a few bucks… this is free enterprise at its finest!

Craig Ronaldson Google Authorship

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