EPX Body Review – Do Other Health and Wellness Company’s Even Stand a Chance?

EPX Body Review

epx comparison

Hey everyone thanks for stopping by the page, today to read my EPX Body Review. In this EPX Body review, we will be talking about the EPX leadership,and most importantly the EPX Compensation plan. Now EPX hasn’t been around that long, in fact at the time I am writing this they aren’t even a year old.


Now lets talk about the EPX Body Leadership. Well before I get started let me tell you this; EPX Body is made by distributors for distributors. What does that mean? Well for starters you can promote EPX how ever you want, yes that means you can use Empower Network. You can also do other company’s as well like MLSP and Neucopia

Their CEO/President is Dan Putnam. A very successful entrepreneur with over 17 years of experience and has made six and seven figures in a couple different company’s. Over the past ten or so years Dan has really created a duplicatable turn-key system. Dan believes anybody can build a home business as long as you have the right system, and with the system Dan has, anyone can make money through EPX.

I would even go as far to say that EPX is the most duplicatable home business. I mean having a system that delivers RED HOT leads delivered to you, that’s just unheard of today in the industry. And I haven’t eve mentioned the best part yet!

The PHP Movement is an absolute game changer. Check this out; you now have the opportunity to pay $5 or $10 get someone involved in your business. So you pay $5 get the PHP capture page give it to a big fish to get involved in, get them some free products through the PHP and before you know it they will start building the business with you. And this a is completely different system form the system that will deliver you red hot leads.

EPX Body Review| EPX Body Product Review

epx body seavegSo what are these amazing EPX Body Products? Well for starters we have the EPX BODY Daily Sea VegMade with Algae off the coast of Ireland. Some of the Sea veggie benefits are helps relieve stomach disorders, helps fight allergies, helps support liver functionality, is actually believed to help lower cholesterol, and is also used to assist in weight loss.


Next we have the EPX Body Burn.

Burn is one of the hottest Products EPX has to offer. Is this thing will definitely put a pep to your step, and also has the potential to help you loose weight as well.

No to mention Burn is also has some of the very best ingrediantes such as Vitamin B3, B6, and B12. So what are some of the benefits from the EPX body Burn? How about Suppress appetite, gain energy, burn body fat, and to mention improve your overall health.

Epx Body Nourish

Now we have  EPXBODY Nourish.

One of EPX’s very popular products.

This thing is in very high competition with Visalus  for being the best meal replace shake on the market.

Made with exact specifications using a special Whey Protein/ Casein Protein mix, which in turn gives you the best of both rapidly and slow-releasing proteins. Unlike Visalus who uses non-GMO Soy Protein.

Some of the benefits to EPXBody Nourish are it accelerates Fat-Loss with the aid of some Essential Omega Fatty Acid, it includes an all-natural blend of the recommended daily fiber, improves muscle performance in athletes, and is perfect for strength athletes, endurance athletes, fitness enthusiasts and any other health-conscious, active individual.

epx body cardio

This brings us to EPX Body Cardio. For this products I’ll start with this 80 Million Americans have Heart Disease – that’s 1 out of 3 adults! So if you try telling me your heart is your most important organ in your body; think again! EPX body Cardio has so many benefits, your  head will spin. No serious; this thing has over fifteen different benefits it can do for your heart. Like improve your cardiovascular health, reduces stress on your heart, helps regulate blood pressure, improves circulation, Improves memory, enhances cognitive functions, Boosts the immune system , helps offset lung damage caused by smoking, and much much more!


Finally we get to their most popular product Nutri-Thin!  That’s right EPX Body has bought Nutri-Thin! One of THE MOST famous weight loss products to ever hit the market!

This unbelievable product has changed so many lives its crazy! Everyone as heard or at at least knows somebody who has done Nutri-Thin before; and the name really speaks for itself.

Now EPX Body has  5 more products I could talk about; but if that happened this EPX Body Review would way too long so for more information go check out the rest of the EPXBODY Products!

EPX BODY REVIEW | EPX Body Compensation Plan

EPX Body Compensation plan. So lets review the EPX Compensation plan. Well for starts its a force matrix, and is really the only home business that guarantees you will be making $1000 a month in six months or your money back.

Now as for the matrix, its a four by five matrix with bonus’s that run infinite levels deep! That is insane and as far as I know, this has never been done in Force Matrix or network marketing history! Not to mention a %25 matching bonus off everybody you bring in the company. Plus the matrix pay, customers, and rank advancement bonuses. You really cant loose!

I hope you enjoyed this EPX Body review, If you feel like you have heard enough and want to get started in EPX Body check it out! Heck I’ll even enter your name into a thousand dollar drawing just to watch the stinking thing! :)

Brig Hart and I

Hi, my name is Craig Ronaldson.(Contact me here.)

A few years ago, I got kicked out of high school and had nothing going for me… I had no vision, nothing to look forward to in the future.

I went back to school and got my PHD (Public High school Diploma) so I was able to take some classes at my local community college IRSC.

Although I made some great friends in school, I think we could all agree that college is not the place to be for people looking to make money, now.

You see in college and traditional schools the professors are simply teaching theory out of a textbook. I laugh when I hear people say they are studying marketing, business, or entrepreneurship in college! That is something that you cannot learn in school, but through actually living it and failing at a few times… have you failed in your MLM or online business in the past?

I know I have… I fell flat on my face countless times, failing to produce a profit in my network marketing business. It was until I just stepped back for a moment… and looked at our industry from the standpoint of a distributor, corporate staff/CEO, critics and the general public.

What is the one thing that you see when you look at ANY network marketing company?

A huge failure rate. Massive attrition, people quitting left and right… people losing their teams to shiny objects and launches, trust me gang I’ve been there.

It wasn’t until I saw how many people were failing that I saw the REAL opportunity to get rich inside this industry… I’ll give you a hint, it wasn’t through actually building a so called “MLM” or “downline” I know, sounds crazy coming from the MLM Jedi himself right?

I realized that since so many people were failing, the only way to profit would be to invest in my education, learn how to truly build a residual income and then teach this exact, proven formula and sell it for a low price that anybody can afford, whether they are making money in their business or not!

Pretty cool, huh? ;)

Fire your boss

Once I became the friend, or the mentor to all these people who were failing to break even, let alone turn a profit… not only was I able to make some residual income from the internet, but so were these network marketers from a total different company than I was building! How cool is that? They succeeded, and I made a few bucks… this is free enterprise at its finest!

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